One Great Hour of Sharing

May 4th, 2017 3:03pm - Posted By: Susan Bryant

One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) is an annual ecumenical offering to provide water, food, and medical care for those in need, to give relief from disasters nationally and internationally, and to empower those struggling under oppressive circumstances to find their place at the table.  In 2016, the United Church of Christ received over $2.2 million for the OGHS offering.

If you are like me, you want to know how much of your charitable contribution goes directly to the causes you support.  In this case, the answer is 95%, meaning only 5% is retained for promotion and marketing.  Last year the offering was divided among the following categories: 

·      Health, Education and Agricultural causes received 63%, including mobile health clinics in Timor; education and support for women in communities in Sri Lanka; teen clubs in Swaziland to provide opportunities for discussion of topics related to HIV along with providing care for children whose parents have died from AIDS; funding young people to work internationally and nationally providing assistance as needed.  Our own Andrew Shearer-Cooper worked in Lesotho providing technical support for the African church and then helping communities in South Carolina reconstruct after the flooding of 2015.

·      National Disaster recovery received 9%.  US disasters of 2016 affected thousands in North Carolina, Florida, and Missouri by flooding, and the entire town of Flint, Michigan with its tainted water crisis. OGHS funds and volunteers were there with relief.

·      International Disaster recovery received 12%.  Again, in 2016, OGHS supported emergency food and shelter in locations including Haiti and Cuba after Hurricane Matthew, in Ecuador post-earthquake, and in Fiji and the Philippines following typhoons.  Projects developed in the US also focused on building storm resistant houses for the Philippines and earthquake resistant houses for Nepal.  Another project provided microloans in Ecuador following the April earthquakes.

·      Refugee and Immigration 10%

Our OGHS offering will be received on Sunday, May 21.  Take a look around at the bounty we all enjoy, then open your heart (and wallet) for those in need.  Thank you for giving generously to this important cause.  More information can be found at:  onegreathourofsharing.org.

Susan Bryant



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