Why are small groups important?

In a congregation our size, small groups are the primary way for people to connect with others while pursuing spiritual transformation in their lives. Small groups are a way of building an interconnected community, one in which we foster opportunities to sojourn together. When we nurture intentional relationships with one another, we embody a relational God – a God made known in the life and ministry of Jesus, who reminds us that wherever we gather in small numbers, the Christ Presence is with us.

All of our small groups embody four important values: Inviting, Growing, Connecting and Serving.  Some groups may emphasize one value over another, but each group seeks to incorporate all four values.  For example, while a book study group may be primarily about growing spiritually and intellectually through a book, it is also intentional about invitingothers to join the group, connectingwith one another to build community, and servingothers through outreach. 

We hope the small group offerings at First Congregational Church Boulder will help you to discover and enrich your faith, to discern and use your gifts, and to build community within our congregation.  Look through the many offerings, find something of interest to you, and get involved by calling/emailing the facilitator listed. You can also register online.

If you have an idea for a future small group, or are interested in leading a group, contact Susan Wilkinson, our Small Groups Coordinator, at 303-772-3531 or suemacnutson@gmail.com.  You may also contact Pedro Silva, Associate Pastor, at 303-442-1787 x102 or pedro@firstcong.net.


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